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Trail report / news

Well it’s another year and here we are. As I sit here writing this, it’s Thanksgiving Day and 57 degrees outside. It’s hard to think snow when it is as warm as this, but the trails still have to be cleared and signed so out we go.

Most trails are the same this year except the Dover trail that went by Whitetail Golf Course and over the hill. Whitetail will not be open this year and many who used to stop there surely will miss them. Also, the landowner on top of Charleston Hill across from the prison shut the trail down.

Thanks to a recent landowner who purchased land at the top on the other side of the hill, a new trail will be put in. We would like to thank Mike Foley for letting us use his property.  It is generous landowners like this that make our sport possible.

Remember to respect other peoples land and ride safe and sober